Parents, we have a lot on our plates right now and we are just trying our best to navigate this new normal.

Most of us have never home schooled our children.  Some of us have never been home this much and around our children 24/7. The constant attention and feeling like we need to keep our children occupied and busy might be overwhelming for some, and the temptation to just put the T.V. on or give them their IPad might be a lot easier then coming up with games or activities to keep them busy.

I am here to help! Here are a few ideas to do at home and outside (social distancing of course) to keep your children active during a pandemic! Ideally, you would participate with them during the activities! A healthy and active role model is what children need in their lives.


1. Workout:

Involve your children in your workout.  Let them lift some light weights, or use their body weight to keep them moving! Examples are burpees, pushups, squats, back bridge, skipping,  or acting out different animals.  Keep it fun and turn up the music to keep them motivated!

2. Dance party

Let them pick their favourite playlist and start dancing.  You’re not a dancer? No problem … no one will see your moves during isolation, so dance like no one is watching (because they’re not!)  Play freeze dance, musical chairs or have your children come up with their own choreography to teach to the class and create your own dance school.

3. Hop scotch

One of our favourites! Put tape down on the floor inside or grab the chalk and make it outside on your sidewalk.  This is a multipurpose activity for both exercise and math! Bonus if you do this outside, your neighbours will be more active as they walk past your house  and participate in your hop scotch! We have had older adults jumping in front of our house with a smile on their face!

4. Inside ninja course

Be creative and let your children become spies and ninjas where they have to go over and under obstacles before the timer runs out, or they can’t touch the pretend laser beams that you have taped against the wall!  Don’t forget to play the Mission Impossible song during this activity and everyone dresses in black!

5. Fitness Games

Grab a deck of cards and correspond the number on the card and the suit with an exercise.


Hearts – Jumping jacks

Clubs – Squats

Spades – Pushups

Diamond – Frog jumps

6. Yoga and meditation

We all need a little downtime.  This could be first thing in the morning, mid afternoon or before bed.  Follow a local business and register for their kids yoga or kids meditation classes, look up classes on youtube, or do your own.  Your children are just as worried and anxious about this new normal as you are, so acknowledge their feelings and allow some quiet time in your house.

7. Free play in the backyard

Get those buckets out and let your children make potions!  Let them get messy and allow their imagination to roam free! Really try hard to not get involved in their creativity! Step back and watch those smiles on their faces!

8. Bike ride, adventure walks, scooter or wheel outside

If it is safe to do so, and you are practicing social distancing, get outside for your movement! Fresh air makes everyone feel better!

9. Bouncy Castles

If you have a small bouncy castle and it’s still snowing where you are, put it inside and let your children jump! If it’s nice outside, blow it up and let them jump! This is hours of entertainment at it’s finest!

10. Garden and Plant flowers

If the weather is awesome where you are, definetely not in Edmonton, allow your children to help you plant the garden and flowers or help you garden if you are blessed to have beautiful weather year round!  My daughters love helping me each year! It is now their job to water the garden and plants during the summer! I guess this teaches them some responsibility and educates them on where food comes from (see homeschooling isn’t so bad!)

There you have it ! 10 ways to keep you children active during a pandemic! Have fun with the activities and like I said before, I hope that you do the activities with them!

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