Today is the day labelled “Blue Monday”.  A day in which people say it’s the most depressing day of the year.


Some say it’s because of the credit card statements that show up from the holiday season and people realize how much debt they are in. Others are frustrated that they have failed their New Year’s Resolutions goals and we’re only 3 weeks into 2019.   Depending on where you live, some suggest the gloomy and cold weather has a role in how we feel today.

Does it have to be this way? Do we need a day devoted to feeling sad and depressed?


Here are my thoughts:


** I think that every day someone is experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, frustration or anger.  Not just on Blue Monday.  So we need to do a better job, as a society to talk about mental health and actually DO something to improve mental health in our society.

** I think that we need to stop labelling days.  I remember talking to my clients during my morning class and asking them how they were feeling today.  I didn’t bring up that it was Blue Monday.  They said they were having a great day! I then texted them later and asked them the same question.  They said that when they found out about “Blue Monday” from the media and other people, their happiness turned into sadness.  Was it because they were surrounded by other people who were affected by Blue Monday? Or were they truly sad because of things that were happening in their life that day?  I believe that when people find out its a certain day, they will act differently and some might even experience food and drink cravings depending on the day! Take Taco Tuesdays for example …  eat a dam taco on Monday if you really want to, don’t wait until Tuesday to eat one! (Sorry, labelling days really bugs me!)

** I think that we need to turn the notion of Blue Monday into something more positive.  I’m not underestimating the mental health aspect that comes with the day.  I’m not saying that all the things I mentioned above about why Blue Monday exits don’t happen.  But if all of these ideas are true, then let’s do something about it.  Stop spending so much money during the holidays.  Don’t make unrealistic New Year’s Resolution Goals. Take a moment to assess your mental well being and reach out to family, friends or professionals and talk about what’s going on in your life so you feel happier and less stressed.


How to Improve your Mental Health on Blue Monday

  • Get some fresh air – go outside for a walk, ski or run.
  • Exercise – decrease your stress levels by joining a fitness class or lifting weights at the gym
  • Proper nutrition – feel better about yourself by eating healthier meals
  • Meet a friend for coffee –  enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee and conversation with a friend
  • Meditate  – enjoy some down time to yourself and focus on your breathing
  • Read a book – enjoy some quiet time and start reading a book that you have wanted to for months
  • Write in Journal – be HONEST with yourself and write down how you are feeling in your day and make small steps to improving that emotion.


So today, on Blue Monday, I’ll be doing a happy dance.  I might not necessarily be super happy, but I refused to let 1 day dictate how I’m going to feel.  I’m going to do everything in my power to have a great day today and if by chance my day is crappy, then I will face my emotions straight on and take my own advice on how I can improve my mental health on Blue Monday!



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