For some families, trying to calm your children down at bedtime may be a challenge. From running around the house, refusing to put on their pj’s to all of a sudden they are starving for a snack. You probably are losing your patience by now, and about to tell and scream at them to settle […]

Pregnant and Hot Yoga … Risks vs Benefits

A pregnant lady was asked to leave a hot yoga class by the yoga instructor to due to safety concerns with the heat and pregnancy. There is not enough research to show whether or not hot yoga is safe during pregnancy.  If this is the case, why take any risks for your developing baby? Enjoy […]

Canada: How much does our health care cost?

I remember sitting in my Physiology class in University and listening to my professor rant about our health care.   He estimated that the cost of health care in the next 20 years will be ridiculously high.  His solution … the government should just buy everyone a treadmill which might help reduce and prevent some […]

Incorporating a Health in All Policies Approach in Canada

Canada … we need to learn more from Finland and work harder into implementing the Health in All Policies in Canada. Health in All Policies is an approach to public policy development that encourages governments to systematically consider how policy decisions may affect the health of a population – See more at: https://nurseone.ca/en/tools/health-in-all-policies-toolkit/toolkit#sthash.MexrJsnw.dpuf.  Our health is […]

Stress: How It Impacts Your Physical and Mental Well – Being

We are all STRESSED! “Stress is how the brain and body react to a demand.” (National Institute of Mental Health). Our brain can’t determine if that situation is real or if we are imagining it. Our body and brain will respond in the same manner. You might notice symptoms of stress when you are trying […]