Dill Hummus

I made hummus for the first time for my Snack Smarter in 2018 event.  I usually buy hummus from the store, but I wanted to see if I could make it myself.  I do need to say that I didn’t really follow a specific recipe or measure ingredients precisely.   If there is anything I […]

Staying on Track this Holiday Season

Holiday season is here and between work functions, parties and family get togethers, food and drinks are everywhere! You just can’t avoid it. You might be stressing out because you have worked so hard all year to reach your health and wellness goals and don’t want to fall off the wagon because of the holidays. […]

Borscht … the BEST Soup You’ll Ever Eat!

I LOVE making soups! Especially on those crisp fall evenings when you just need something warm to eat! I’ve been asked by a few people lately who have eaten my borscht for my recipe. Oh course I joke that it’s a secret family recipe passed down by generations (which I don’t think it is … […]


I came across a company called UrbanLeaf Farms when I was at an event a couple months ago.  They were giving away samples of “SuperShots” of Wheatgrass.  I instantly asked myself 3 questions: What is Wheatgrass?  Why do people keep talking about Wheatgrass? What was different about this Wheatgrass SuperShot? I was intrigued to try something new […]

Momentum Health & Wellness


Well … I’m doing it… I’m putting this article out there … something I’m more passionate about now than ever … STOP mom shaming! Being a parent truly is a hard job .. harder than I EVER imagined! It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, drinking wine in the afternoons or having picnics in the park all day/everyday. […]