Update on being Hypothyroid and having Low Iron …


So it’s been 4 months since I last wrote about my journey about being Hypothyroid and what that all meant.  In this time, I have felt like a lab rat, an angry lab rat where my physical and mental well – being have gone through a roller coaster ride and I’m not sure if I should ride it out or ask the conductor to stop.

I tried a natural thyroid supplement to see if my TSH, free T3 and free T4 levels would improve and if I felt better vs being on Synthroid.  It didn’t decrease as much as I/my doctor was hoping.   Overtime, I wasn’t feeling any different being on them. I knew that my body was getting used to the medication and it was time to switch things up … AGAIN. I also tried a new Iron supplement and finally my Ferritin levels finally started to improve!! YEAH! At least something was improving!!

So away I went back to my doctor … in tears … just feeling frustrated and questioning why am I even doing this? I am not experiencing any symptoms of being Hypothyroid.  The only sign that I’m showing is via blood work.   I understand that that number does mean something and that my hormones in my body are playing a role in all of this … but why? I am relating a lot of it to Stress.  Stress in my life. Stress on my body.  Stress!!

So my doctor requested I get my testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, estradiol tested, along with my TSH, free T3, free T4, Ferritin, FSH, Hemoglobin, complete blood count and gosh knows what else.  I just remember it was a lot of vials of blood that needed to be drawn! Thank goodness I don’t faint at the sight of blood or needles!

I also started  T3 thyroid medication to see if that was causing my TSH levels to still be high. So away I went, more medication.

You know what …. I started to feel FRICKIN’ AMAZING!! I had waaaaayyyyy more energy.  I was happier.  I actually wanted to play with my kids and chase them outside through the leaves!  I thought to myself … holy shit … we figured this out! I am myself again!

Nope ….  about 6 weeks later, I was feeling fatigued again. I started to get headaches. I was starting to crash.

So I made a decision to see a new Naturopath and get another opinion on what might be going on.  She took my history and current symptoms and started me on I-3-C and Cenitol to help with stress, promote healthy estrogen levels, menstruation, mood and energy. She believes that my adrenal gland and my menstrual hormones are contributing to my thyroid issue.

So here I go again, feeling like a lab rat trying to figure all of this out.  After talking with my medical doctor, she was on board with what my Naturopath prescribed, so I tried them.

You’re probably thinking … holy crap … why would she take all this medication? The effects on my body – liver, kidneys, brain, etc.  I know! I think about that all the time.  I am not one to be on medicine for anything … so for the fact I’m trusting my medical doctor with my body, and a naturopath with my body .. is a BIG DEAL!

Needless to say, I didn’t feel any different being on the supplements the Naturopath prescribed.

F#ck … now what?By now I’m even more stressed, gaining a few more pounds, exhausted, angry, feeling signs of depression and about to scream at the world!

My medical doctor decided it was time to hammer this thyroid thing down and start with a heavy dose and see if she could get my levels down.  Than we could go from there and look at other things that might be causing my levels to be out of wack.

I just got my blood tests back … and sure enough, my TSH is at 1.71!!!  BUT … my free T3 are too high and my free T4 are low.  So even though my TSH level is when my doctor wanted it to be, I still don’t feel great.  My energy is still low.   My other hormone levels came back fine.  My iron keeps increasing.  So what now??

Lower my T3 thyroid medication? Take a combination of Synthroid and T3? OR say screw it … continue taking my Iron supplement, a good Multivitamin, focus on me and what makes me happy (working out, my kids, yoga, drinking wine, travelling) which will help reduce my stress and hope the next time I have to get my blood work done, I will see a change in my levels….

I guess you’ll have to wait a few more month to see what I chose!  Of course I will talk to my doctor about whatever I decide.  In the end, it’s my body and I feel I have a good sense of what’s going on with my body and what I feel is right for me.


SOOOOOOOOOO … if you’ve read this long blog post …. thank you! Why did I write it? To let people know that they have a right to question what they doctor is prescribing.  To ask questions.  To get a copy of your lab results so you can see what your numbers actually are.  To remember it’s your body and you can choose what goes in it and to research what your are talking and the side effects.

You also have to remember to be smart and careful about what’s going in your body so you don’t overdose or have a reaction to taking different medications.  If you are seeking help from multiple health care professionals, PLEASE make sure you are honest to all of them what you are taking so you don’t overdose and make yourself sick!

x0 Rachelle