First, I can’t believe I have made it 10 months … having twins and a toddler, and running my company solo by myself …. and no grey hair! At the same time, I am having some mother’s guilt lately, that I have focused alot on my clients and participants (don’t get me wrong, I love them all and I love what I do!) but feel that I am/have neglected my children when now is the time that I feel they need their parents to teach them all about life (ha ha … well … at least their colour, numbers, alphabet and manners!).  My husband is absolutely amazing, and when I’m working in the evenings, he’s bathing and putting all 3 kids to bed .. but I am starting to miss bonding with my children during this time.  This is when Avery will tell us stories about her day.

I know alot of moms, and dads, go through this guilt balancing work and kids … I would just love an answer or an equation on how to balance life and everyone is happy, and there is no stress! SO if you have the answer … please let me know!

I just need to stop sometimes when the kids are playing .. and play with them .. instead of doing the dishes, folding laundry, checking emails, etc etc etc …. cause I don’t have these moments back or opportunities again … cause everyone is growing up and changing so quickly …..

So there is my 2 cents this week ….  SLOW DOWN  and evaluate your life.  How is everyone doing in your family? Happy? Angry? Sad? And ask yourself … what is something I can change today to make myself happier