Momcation … it’s a real thing and all moms need to take one.

A few of my girlfriends and I were talking about how we needed a holiday to get away from all the stress in our lives and take a moment to breathe.  To BREATHE. To clear our minds, clear our thoughts and feel energized again.  Would this be possible? Oh the mom guilt.  Would our children and husbands survive without us? Of course they will! What if our children go out in public without their hair brushed wearing mix – matched clothes? Who cares! Who will sing our children their bedtime song? Daddy will do just fine.  THEY WILL BE JUST FINE!

So we booked our trip … a MOMCATION!  We found cheap flights to Arizona and were blessed to stay at my girlfriend’s parents house.  So really, the only other expense would be shopping … Oh did I mention we went on BLACK FRIDAY weekend?

We got to the airport, went through security and had a mimosa! Let the getaway begin.

I do have to say, it was really strange not to pack a suitcase for 5.  Not having to go through security with 3 children. Not having to pack toys and snacks on my carry on to keep 3 little ones entertained.  It was just my bag. My snacks. My headphones. I already felt relaxed!

We went crazy on Black Friday shopping.  I have to laugh because the first place we stopped was WalMart! The cosmetic aisle, the alcohol, the chips and snacks.  Why does everything need to be so different in the USA? The variety down each aisle amazes me every time! After 9 hours of shopping in the outlet mall and our bags barely being able to fit into the trunk of the car, we called it quits and returned back to the house to enjoy a glass (or 4) of wine and soaked our feet in the hot tub! MISSION  COMPLETE!

The next morning I woke up early (when you haven’t been able to sleep in for 5 years, why start now?).  I sat outside and just stared at the blue sky.  I noticed a hummingbird sitting still on a branch. It was so peaceful to watch this beautiful bird just sitting there.  Maybe it was taking a moment to catch it’s breathe.  Maybe it was taking a moment to check out what flower to fly to next.  Whatever it was doing, I appreciated how still it was.  This is when I had my ‘ah ha’ moment and realized if a hummingbird can sit still and slow down, so can I.  At this moment, I don’t need to everyone’s rock.  I don’t need to be pulled in every direction.  I just need to be present.  Present in this moment and at this time.

It was time to reflect on MY life.  It was time to realize that LIFE IS TOO SHORT. It was time to EMBRACE all that I have accomplished in my life and to EMBRACE all that I haven’t. It was time to stop being so JUDGMENTAL to myself and others. It was time to ACCEPT my life as it is right now.  It was time to DECIDE where I want my life to go from here. I felt more calm and more at peace with myself from that moment on. Wow … that’s pretty deep thinking at 7am!

Later that day, we went on a hike in the desert and enjoyed the sun beaming down on us. The boost of Vitamin D was just what we needed! The different cacti, the dirt trails, the blue sky and the amazing views we saw were so beautiful! I don’t remember the last time I went on a hike that I truly enjoyed.  No children to chase after.  No whining and complaining. No worries of someone getting hurt or falling into a cactus (well I’m assuming my girlfriends wouldn’t do that!) This hike made me realize again that I need to APPRECIATE what’s around me and to enjoy all the amazing scenery!

From the amazing meals to the great conversations I had with my girlfriends, I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday. I got to connect with my friends and actually have adult conversations without being interrupted by our children.  I got to know a lot more about my girlfriends, who were actually clients a few years ago and now one of my best friends! It was so refreshing!  I truly feel blessed and loved.

My goal on this holiday was to recharge my mind and my soul … ACCOMPLISHED! I learnt a lot about myself and what I need to work on. What I want out of life.  What I want to work towards and what I need to stop stressing about.

When I got home, I had more patience with my children and husband.  I wasn’t stressing out about a messy toy room or laundry not folded.  I wasn’t putting myself down if I didn’t get to the gym that day or do a workout.   I felt refreshed and was ready to conquer the world.  My mind felt more clear.  I had more passion for my company and am excited for what 2018 will bring!

A momcation doesn’t mean you need to fly to a different country to have a moment to yourself.  A staycation is just as awesome! To be in your house by yourself, snuggling up in your bed and watching your favourite TV shows uninterrupted. Ordering food from your favourite restaurant and having it delivered. Going for a walk outside and stopping to enjoy the flowers, or make a snow angel.  Cleaning your house and knowing that it will stay clean for the entire day or weekend.  Whatever makes you happy … YOU DO IT!


So why does every mom need a MOMCATION?

  1. Appreciate yourself more: realize how much you actually do for others and around the house
  2. Slow down: BREATHE. Take a moment or 10 to yourself.
  3. Eat a hot meal: Eat what you want and when you want
  4. Remember who you are: We forget who we are as a person when we become a mom. We forget what activities we like.  We forget about what makes us happy. We need to remember what makes us sparkle inside (besides our children).


I strongly encourage every mom (and yes dads, you need this too!) to take time for themselves.  To reconnect with who you are.  To put that smile back on your face.  To find your passions.  To appreciate your children, spouse and family more. To BREATHE and be more focused on life.



xo Rachelle