For many, finding out that they are pregnant is an exciting time! Growing a family, creating something with your partner, thinking about becoming a parent, and all that entails. But once the initial excitement is over, what’s next? The questions can seem overwhelming. What’s normal? How do I prepare for the baby? What am I expected to do and why? When do I go to the hospital? Should I take prenatal classes? If this is you or your partner’s first baby, the answer to the last question is YES.



Prenatal classes are a great way to prepare yourself and/or your partner for not only the labour and delivery process, but also the expected care management in the doctor’s office, triage department, labour room and operating room. The classes should guide you through all of this, and should prepare you for the immediate postpartum phase, including feeding options, diapering, and taking baby home from the hospital.

As labour and delivery Registered Nurses, we ask women daily if they have taken prenatal classes. We get a few responses, but often we hear: “No, I couldn’t get into a class” or “No, we didn’t want to waste a weekend”.

With conventional group classes, we have often wondered – Do people feel free to ask questions within these large groups? Do people get the personalized experience they deserve if they are at the back of the pack? Do people have the time commitment to take these classes over an entire weekend, or multiple evenings? Alternatively, for people taking community based, birth coach classes, are they receiving up to date information? Do couples get an accurate portrayal of the care likely to be provided? All of these questions were motivating, and from them came the idea for change!



Labour Day Prenatals is the brainchild and labour of love of two Labour and Delivery nurses who want everyone to get the prenatal education they deserve. We feel that becoming educated about all the available options is the best preparation!

At Labour Day Prenatals, we aim to empower women, partners and families in preparation for the birth of their babies. Life is busy and schedules are complex. We want to make prenatal education accessible to everyone. Some couples love the social aspect of large classes, while others love the natural, coach based approach to birth coach led classes. We want to offer a class for those couples/ladies/adoptees/partnerships who either are not interested in the traditional methods, or who want a more in-depth, personal class.

What makes us different? Our goal as Registered Nurses is to learn about your pregnancy, then tailor your class directly to your needs and questions. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Your fears? Our goal is to help you specifically prepare for those…and to be accessible throughout your pregnancy.


Call, email, message us on Facebook or Instagram…we are available to guide you through the beginning expectations and science focused knowledge of the labour and delivery process. Private and group classes currently available through our website.

Visit us at to create an account and to register


Join Labour Day Prenatal for Ask the Nurses Night: Pain Management in Labour 

April 29th: 7-8:30 pm

Momentum Health & Wellness Studio


Cost: $20




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