Girls Momentum & Motivation

Welcome to Girls Momentum & Motivation

A program just for girls where they learn tools and strategies to increase confidence, boost self-esteem and leave feeling that they can achieve anything they put their minds too! If you are looking for a program that approaches girls wellness from a holistic approach, where we motivate and encourage girls to live a healthy and joyful life … then you found it!
6:00 pm -
7:00 pm
Location: MHW studio
Cost: CAD 125
for 7 class(es)
Age Group: 08 - 13
Duration: April 2
- May 21, 2023

This class is a combination of movement and mindfulness for girls where we will teach the girls about strength, balance, gratitude, happiness and respect for themselves and others. Join us in fun exercises, journaling, crafts and mindfulness exercises. This is a safe space for girls to come and just be themselves … with no judgement and no criticism.

Limited space available. So don’t delay to register !


  • ALL girls are welcome
  • A variety of movement and mindfulness exercises will be given each week
  • We discuss a variety of topics that are age appropriate
  • Movement will be both indoors and outdoors

Are you ready to invest in your daughter’s health and wellness? Register NOW!

“Always stay true to who you are.”

Benefits of a Girl only Wellness Program

Girls are experiencing a wide range of struggles these days and are having difficulty connecting with like – minded peers. They are losing their sense of self-worth and needing to be like everyone else.  Joining MWH Girls Momentum & Motivation welcomes all girls and ensures that it is a safe space for girls to share and connect with other girls who care about their health, without the judgement or comparisons, and just be themselves!  This girls only class allows girls to discuss topics related to their well-being that they might not open up if a male was in the group.Creating a community of strong, kind, empathetic and supportive girls will set them up for success in their teenage and adults years!


  • All girls are welcome
  • FUN and LAUGHTER is a must!
  • Please leave your judgements at the door
  • Kindness and respect at all times
  • A group where girls can finally just be themselves and learn about how to take care of their health and wellness

Girls Momentum & Motivation

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