I went for an ultrasound around 24 weeks .. as they know send me for one every month now to make sure babies are growing well and my cervix is not softening and getting smaller .. which is a sign of preterm labour.  I have decided that I truly hate lab techs that are not socialable and keep a straight face while scanning your belly.  This is the second time I have had a lab tech like this during this pregnancy, and it stresses me out! She wouldn’t even tell me if there are still 2 babies moving inside of me.  So I layed there for 20 minutes stressed out and tears rolling down my cheek, while she took pictures and talked to the radiologist, hoping that everything is ok.  When she came back into the room .. she turned on the TV and showed my babies, super active, kicking, punching and moving! Heart beats were super strong and everything looked normal and healthy! Why couldn’t she just say that at the beginning? I just wanted to punch her out for stressing me out like that!


My belly is definetely growing more and more each week .. it’s amazing actually how your body just knows that it needs to expand in order to grow these 2 little ones inside of you! I have only gained 15 lbs to date, which my doctor was not not concerned about … what a sigh of relief when I heard that from her!  Most pregnancy books say you should gain around 25 lbs by now.  Everyone gains weight at a different pace, and some will gain more and some less, and it’s not necessarily an indication of how well the baby is growing.   I am really starting to hate reading those pregnancy books!  They make you feel awful about yourself if your not following the norm and then you start questioning everything your are doing and wonder if you are harming your babies! NO MORE BOOKS! I am just going to continue listening to my body (and doctor of course) and hope that these babies make it to term and they are happy and healthy!

I am still teaching all my pre and post natal fitness classes and personal training my clients! I am starting to slow down a bit, and not complete the whole class myself .. which frustrates me a little, as I taught till I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Avery, and did all the exercises and jumped around like I was not pregnant.  I keep forgetting that I can’t compare the two pregnancies, and I am more aware now of my body and listen to all those signs that tell you to slow down! I am very thankful to be able to share my pregnancy stories with my clients, and to have their love and support during this pregnancy! They are so wonderful and caring … I’m glad they continue to come back to class … cause even though I’m not demonstrating the exercises as much .. I can still instruct a GREAT class!


SIZE OF BABIES: approximately 1 1/2 – 2 lbs

: approximately 12- 13 inches

FETAL MOVEMENT: I think these babies are going to be soccer players, cause they are constantly kicking and moving!

SLEEP:   Starting to get some sleep .. it’s just the matter of finding the right pillow and position (and having a toddler sleeping through the night helps … and when she doesn’t, it really sucks!)