Went for an ultrasound at 27 weeks. Baby A is measuring 2 lbs 3 oz and is head down; Baby B is 2 lbs 4 oz and is head up.   My OB was happy that these babies are measuring the same, as many times in a multiple pregnancy, one baby would have started to grow more than the other by now … which could still happen, but I’m glad that they are growing the same up to this point! It’s also up to Baby A in regards to if I can try to deliver vaginally or not .. so come on Baby A stay head down!!  My cervix is measuring 4 cm which is really good .. anything under 3 cm they start to be concerned about preterm labour. Avery also came with me to my ultrasound … which she has in the past too, she just sits there, eating her snack, watching the babies on the screen and is speechless! When I was all done, she layed on the baby and said ” Avery’s turn” and lifted up her shirt! Too funny, the lab tech pretended to go over Avery’s belly and said, ” Sorry Avery, no babies in your belly, just mommies.” Thank goodness, cause we say the same thing at home, so the poor girl isn’t confused and thinks she has 2 babies in her belly!


I had a bit of a cry in my last doc appointment as I am tired when people continue to tell me that these babies will come early,  and how I need to prepare myself for them being in the NICU and to make sure I have help for around the house when this happens. I need to start reading more positive stories about twin labour and delivery and stop listening to all these negative stories.  I do understand that twins may come early and I am not in denial about that .. but when you read it all the time in books, and people tell you their 2 cents when you tell them you’re expecting twins, it is overwhelming and makes me just get more anxious about having these babies!  The crazy thing about a singleton pregnancy or a multiple pregnancy is that you have no control of what’s going to happen .. you really don’t! These babies come early, late, healthy, not healthy, vaginal delivery, C- section, etc etc etc.  You just need to keep an open and positive mind set and hope for the best! The advancement in the medical world over the years is incredible and you hope that your baby is in the best care, no matter the situation! So please people … keep your opinion to yourself, especially when you’re talking to a expectant mother of multiples, cause our emotions and hormones are running too high to listen to anything negative you have to say about our situation!

I am struggling eating alot in my day.  These babies are pushing every which way, and starting to get into my ribs and causing me to eat less.  So I have started juicing to make sure I am getting enough veggies and fruits in my day.  It really is a pain in the butt to clean the machine, but so worth the end product! Even Avery loves that she gets to now drink “juice”, which I feel good about giving to her, cause I know exactly what is going into that drink! Don’t get me wrong, I am still eating food as well, and not just juicing, as just drinking juice during pregnancy wouldn’t be overly safe.  I have also started to prepare some frozen meals for when the babies come, just so I have some quick go to meals to warm up when I am busy running around with the 3 kids!

I am definetely slowing down more, epecially trying to get up and down from the floor, and going up and down the stairs! My belly is popping out like crazy every week! I did a belly mold when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Avery.  I tried it on the other day, and I am almost the exact size at 29 weeks pregnant with these babies than I was at 35 weeks with Avery .. how crazy is that! To think, I potentially have 7 or 8 more weeks to go … how big can this belly really get! I have been blessed so far with no stretch marks, and I REALLY REALLY hope it stays that way … so please stretch mark gods, a little help on this one would be great!

Yet again, I am still teaching my classes and training my clients.  I actually feel like I have more energy this past week and am doing more of the exercises in class! Not sure how long this will last, but it is definetely keeping me busy and my mind off of delivering twins and bringing home 2 babies.  Avery is super funny in class! I bought her a yoga mat (what almost 2 year old has their own yoga mat .. lol) and she stands on it, marches on the spot, does squats, push ups and crunches.  Either I am setting a positive example in her life, or creating a monster that one day will hate exercising! She just mimics everything we do in class, and starts doing it on her own! (I’ll have to post a picture and video soon!)

SIZE OF BABIES: 2lb 3 oz and 2lb 4 oz

FETAL MOVMENT:  They always let mom know they are in there! SUPER ACTIVE!

SLEEP: Non – existent lately … up every hour to change my position, drink some water and pee.  That’s an aweful routine to follow every night and almost every hour!  At least Avery has decided to start having naps again, and I can get a hour or two in the afternoon!