“ONE DAY AT AT TIME” says my doctor at my last appointment as I’m crying and telling her all about my anxieties about having twins.  I sure seem to be way more emotional lately and need to pull it together, so everyone’s sake!  I don’t know what it is, but from the start I had a feeling that these babies are coming early, and we’ll have to be in NICU, and I am stressing about everything! What about Avery? How much time can Scott take off work? I want to try breast feeding but will I be able to? How do you tandum feed twins? What about my company? clients?  How will I ever have time to myself again? All these damn questions … driving me nuts!

We went for an ultrasound at 31 weeks and babies were measuring 3 lbs 7 oz and 3 lbs 6 oz. Cervix is still at a 4 .. so my doc said there is nothing to indicate right now that these babies are coming early. I just need to start calming down, or they will come early! So every morning I wake up and be blessed that me made is another day without going into labour .. and it actually is helping!

The babies are starting to push a little lower, so they’re not in my ribs so much.  So I can actually breathe, sleep and eat better the past 2 weeks … thank goodness!! I was starting to wonder how much longer I can go without a good night sleep, and worrying that I’m not providing enough nutrients to these babes. I am still craving sweets, and would way rather have a glass of chocolate milk, than water and an apple or cottage cheese … so I pick and choose my cravings and give into them, if not I probably would eat a whole bakery and not eat a single vegetable right now … which is funny for me to say being in the health industry, but I’m being honest and letting you know that yes, I do cheat with my eating … and it’s ok!

My prenatal and postnatal fitness classes are still chugging along .. not doing as much in them, but I still love that my clients still continue to come, and I can provide them with a fantastic workout each day! I truly love what I do, and I will continue to teach as long as I can!

SIZE OF BABIES:  approximately 3lb 7 oz and 3 lb 6 oz

FETAL MOVEMENT: Still super active! I feel like they are taking up kickboxing and yoga.  They are constantly stretching, moving, sticking their bum or limb out …  it really is fascinating to sit and watch my belly move on it’s own!

SLEEP:  Improved since these babies are not so high into my ribs