I’m at the end of my 34th week, and so thankful that these babies have continued to grow inside of me, and weren’t welcomed into the world so early.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about these babies and if today is the day they are born.  I hate having that thought … I really can’t enjoy myself in my day.  My doc told me that I really needed to take it easy, and that’s what I have done.  IT IS SOOOOOOOOO HARD!! This is not who I am .. to sit around, unable to lift very much (including my daughter, which makes both of us sad, especially when she hurts herself, and I can’t pick her up to hug her … she needs to come and sit on my knee instead).  I am so used to being active, go where I want to go, shop, play, and run around with Avery.  I know, for the sake of the twins and their safety, I have to take it easy, but there is only so much TV and puzzles and baths you can do in a day!

I guess in a way, this is good for Avery as well, so she’s used to staying at home, and not being so busy … since this is the way it’ll be for a while when the twins come. I just hope she doesn’t hate her siblings because of it!

Both babies are still heads down .. so who knows if that will change! I hope it doesn’t, so the chances of a vaginal delivery are still in my odds!  Since they have moved heads down, there is just so much pressure down below! I also offically started the pregnancy waddle … know I get it why women walk like this, cause you are sooooo uncomfortable you need to let your legs and hips go wider to take the pressure off!! I also found my first stretch mark in my lower belly … I cried and cried when I saw it! I have been so blessed up to this point with none, and since the babies went head down, it just expanded my belly! Not going to lie, I had a moment when I was angry and blamed these babies for this mark … but realized in the grand sceme of things, that I would rather take 2 healthy babies than some stretch marks (I still hate the idea of having them!)

I still have only gained 22 lbs in this pregnancy.  My doc advised me to start eating more .. so I did! For the first time in my life, I purposely ate more, and didn’t care what! I didn’t go crazy by all means, but I drank homo milk, bought full fat greek yogurt and cottage cheese, made cookies, etc etc.  When I went back for my checkup the following week , guess how much I gained …………… 0 lbs …………. WHAT? I almost made myself sick for eating so much more … and no weight gain …if I could only eat like that when I’m not pregnant (just kidding, I would hate every bit of it).  I was than worried that my babies weren’t growing , but my body and babies were just using up every bit of calories I was intaking, not leaving any weight to gain. I don’t go for another ultrasound for another couple of weeks, so I sure hope that these babies are growing ok.

SIZE OF BABIES: average size of twins at 34 weeks are around 3.5 – 4.5 lbs (not sure what our munchkins are)

FETAL MOVEMENT: Still so frickin’ active!

SLEEP:  What sleep?  I have more and more dreams about these babies coming early and it makes me stressed out.  I can’t find a comfortable position!

Again, I wake up every morning thankful that we made it through another day and night with these babies still growing inside my belly!