I can’t belive I just finished my 35th week.  This entire pregnancy I thought forsure these babies were coming really early, and I had to figure out how to prepare myself for being in the NICU (which still might happen, but hopefully not for as long as if they were born early).  But I know my mom, my guardian angel, has been by my side this pregnancy, and has allowed me to continue on growing these babies inside of me.

That being said … man am I uncomfortable! How much more can my belly grow and for these babies to stretch out! They have dropped so low, and continue to do so, that I feel so much pressure down below! I try to explain it to Scott, but he just doesn’t understand!  So I tried putting it in “man’s terms” …. “How would you feel if someone kept kicking you in the nuts and you always feel that pain, and on top of that, you feel that something is going to fall out your butt and it hurts every time you stand and sit?” … OK moms .. did I get that right, or should I be added more to the story?

I never experienced any of this with Avery, so this is new territory for me … and I now realize how some women just have 1 child and only go through pregnancy and labour once …. cause if I felt this way with my first pregnancy, I’m not sure how I would feel to have another baby and be pregnant!

On the positive side, I am getting more and more excited to meet these little munchkins and can’t wait to see who they look like, and what personalities they are born with!  We went for an ultrasound a couple days ago, and according to the measurements, Baby A is 5.4 lbs and Baby B is 5.0 lbs … so awesome! The lab tech couldn’t get great pics, cause they are so squished in there and actively moving … so I don’t have any nice pics to post in this blog … sorry

Anyways, just a quick update on my 35th week …. still pregnant and starting to count down the days will be see these babies!

SIZE OF BABIES: approximately 5.4 lb and 5.0 lb

FETAL MOVEMENT: Surprisingly still active and moving, especially at night time

SLEEP:   Still non existent … and I got a cold on top of things … so breathing and being stuffed up makes things worse!