I ventured to the beach a couple times by myself this summer with my 3 girls … and holy smokes … I didn’t realized how much ‘stuff’ you need to pack for 3 kids.  BUT … we all survived, and I have to keep remembering, that the girls are having fun .. so I have to RELAX and not care that they are eating sand cause they dropped their watermellon piece in the sand and continue to eat it!

I will admit though, I am going through a bit of anxiety, stress and sadness.  Avery is going back to preschool twice a week, and the twins will be 18 months this month.  Where is the time going? I feel that for the past 18 months .. I have been just ‘getting by’ day by day with having 3 kids, running a company, being a wife/ friend/ sister/ etc, etc, etc. It’s starting to wear on me and I’m feeling overwhelmed and not enjoying life/ my kids as much as I want.  So I sat down this week and started writing in my journal again … and wow … I really missed it.  I need to work out why I was feeling all of this negative emotion and what can I DO to change it.  So, I cut back on some classes I was teaching and spent more time with my family. PERIOD. I got grief from some clients (I guess they like my classes!! ), but I was losing focus on my purpose right now … to be a mom and wife.  I love my company, and my clients … but if I wasn’t happy at home, nor were my kids or husband.  Who knows, this feeling might only last a day or a year … but I need to be more present with my kids and truly appreciate who they are cause they are only going to be this young once … and I don’t want to miss out on it!

SOOO … today’s lesson …. every now and than, sit back and reflect on your life and how your are feeling in that moment … and start making small OR big changes to make your life more positive.  Surround yourself with people you love … and it might only be your husband or wife or a whole group of girlfriends.  AND when someone asks you if you need help (whether it’s to watch your kids so you can enjoy your shower, or go grocery shopping) SAY YES … cause they truly want to help out and that 5 minutes or 2 hours you have to yourself allows you to breathe and become a happier self!