Has it been challenging .. ABSOLUTELY!

Did I have any help? Nanny? Parent living with us? … NOPE   I definetely had and still do have alot of support from family and friends, which has been greatly appreciated! But it’s just me at home with the girls, while my husband works long hours to support us … so it’s hard on everyone!

What’s my secret? …. WINE! Just kidding! I feel more calm now, than when I had just 1 child.  I am more organized, and just more laid back with certain situations.  I am very blessed my twins are great sleepers and have honestly been sleeping through the night at 3.5 months.  Avery is still an aweful sleeper and we struggle more with her now than before .. .but we’re working on it!

In regards to my company … I am more busy now than ever! I am running more classes, have more personal training clients and doing everything myself … for now! I struggle everyday with trying to find a balance between work, life, kids, husband, my time ,etc etc etc …. as everyone else does … I just wish there would be a magic equation that would just give us all the answer to finding balance so we are less stressed in our day!  So if anyone knows it … PLEASE SHARE!

Anyways, I look forward to writing about my journey and I hope you enjoy reading about my chaotic life!