Momentum Health & WellnessMomentum Health and Wellness (MWH) is devoted to inspire and educate lives through fitness, health and wellness. We offer prenatal and postnatal fitness classes, yoga, personal training, injury rehabilitation and fitcamps for all fitness levels. Our small class size allows each client to receive the attention they deserve from a fitness professional that has a University degree and is certified by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology or equivalent.

MHW mission is to provide the necessary support, motivation and resources to our clients as they embark on their fitness and wellness journey.

Owner and founder of MHW, Rachelle, aspires to create a community of people who recognize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and who acknowledge the impact of being positive role models will have on our future generations.

~Message from the Owner and Founder of Momentum Health & Wellness~


I’m Rachelle, the Owner and Founder of Momentum Health & Wellness!

I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I now have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry working as a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist.

I started my company to inspire and educate others about fitness and wellness. I want to create a COMMUNITY of prenatal and postnatal women who will support one another through their health and wellness journey.  I also want to EDUCATE families on the importance of creating a healthy environment at home and being a positive role model for their children.

Being a mom to 3 beautiful girls, I feel that I can relate to topics about pregnancy, motherhood and raising a family.  From the moment we find out we’re pregnant to the sleepless nights when our baby is teething to the moment we send off our child to school (and everything in between).  It’s scary being a pregnant. It’s scary and hard being a parent. The emotions we experience in our day is beyond words to describe… until you’re in it … and you can now relate to others in one way or another. This is why we need to build a healthy community. A community where we encourage one another to be more positive; live a balanced and healthy life; show your children what it’s like to eat healthy and play outside.

I truly love what I do and I am very blessed that I am able to start my own company and show others the passion I have for health and wellness!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the services I provide!

call: 780.265.2279

email: rachelle@momentumhealthandwellness.ca


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Momentum Health & Wellness
Sliding into the weekend with a smile on my face!I will always be the mom that accepts a bum slide challenge from my girls.The mom who will put on a bathing suite and do a cannon ball in the pool or build sand castles at the beach.The mom who will have dirt on her hands from carrying rocks and treasures we find in the river.The mom who will sit still and listen to the stories my girls share with excitement.The mom who will wipe away the tears and hold a hug for as long as they need.The mom who says, "Wanna go on an adventure today?"The mom who gives positive compliments to her daughters every day. The mom who bakes and cooks with her girls in the kitchen.The mom who dances and doesn't care whose watching because she loves the song.The mom who shows all of her emotions and talks about real life situations to her girls. The mom who lets her girls stay up late to look at the stars.The mom who ... I could go on and on!Being a mom has its challenging moments, but I'm realizing that the fun and happy moments far outweigh those challenging times. Happy Friday!! ... See MoreSee Less
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Momentum Health & Wellness
We're all still feeling the strain and challenges this pandemic has brought us.Today, let's motivate and encourage one another by filling in this phrase:"I don't know who needs to hear this but ... " ... See MoreSee Less
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Momentum Health & Wellness
This is one of my most favourite pictures of me being a mom.This was taken at 4 months post twins.MY STORY: I HATED breastfeeding feeding. There, I said it!With my oldest daughter I ended up breast feeding AND formula feeding her for 6 months, than went all formula. I did not love the idea of being an on-demand supply of food for this tiny human, and after a lactation consultant made me feel guilty she had a soother ( that's why I was struggling with her suck she said), I said NOPE, you don't get to make me feel like an aweful mom and I took my power back. I DECIDED how my baby was going to be fed. She was healthy, happy and growing! THEN THE THE TWINS CAME.Well, wtf do you breast feed twins and have a newly 2 year old who's recently potty trained running around? And ... it's just me at home. No hired help. No mom to stay with me etc.I TRIED, OH LORD I TRIED to tandem breast feed. I HATED IT. The time it took to get them on my breast, Avery would be crying because she needed me to help her with something.Then I formula fed 1 while I breast fed the other and switched each feeding. This was ok until I started to feel burnt out and PPD creeping in at 3 months PP. I remember looking in the mirror, crying, and asking myself, " WHO ARE YOU DOING THIS FOR?"That was the day I stopped breast feeding. The day my twins had formula. The day I took a big breath and actually let out a huge sigh of relief. The twins grew and were happy. Most of all I was happy, still exhausted, but happy. I cared about my well-being and my babies vs what the world was telling me to do, (exclusively breast feed because it's better for your baby. )So here was my scene 3-4 times a day. I would read a book to my 2 year old and formula feed my twins ... and we were OK!REMEMBER THIS MOMS ...You're wellness is just as important when you have babies. We need to take care of ourselves, or we can't efficiently take care of our family. ... See MoreSee Less
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My Fitcamp for Women started again tonight and I loved seeing new and existing clients back on my screen!Hopefully sooner than later we'll be back in person!Want to join??Monday/ Wednesday nights7:45-8:30pmJoin with a friend this month and get 50% off your fee ... making it only $258 Live ClassesAccess to my On-Demand workouts Private FB group to hold you accountable And..Me as Your Trainer/ Kinesiologist to keep you motivated!Message me if you still want to join!Rachelle@momentumhealthandwellness.ca www.momentumhealthandwellness.ca ... See MoreSee Less
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GrapefruitFruit is always a debate with nutrition and fitness "experts".Everyone has an opinion. Some will tell you why or why not to eat certain fruits.Some will say its too high in carbs ( gasp) or too low in fibre (gasp).Listen up friends ... we have 1 life to live on Earth. 1 body to take care of. 1 chance to fuel our body so we feel stronger AND 1 chance to eat what we love and brings happiness in our heart.Our purpose on this Earth is not to spend our entire waking moments figuring out how to lose/ gain weight and feeling guilty if we " indulge" in foods we love. Give yourself some grace, show yourself some self- love and start living your life with more of a purpose!So unless you're only going to eat 1 thing all day every day, you're going to get other minerals and vitamins from other foods to balance your nutrition plate out; and don't just look at your nutrition day to day, review it over your entire week.**Also, be mindful everyone has a different story and their nutritional demands or medical conditions will be different than yours. So what works for 1person, might not work for you **So today, I'm going to eat a grapefruit, because I love them!ALSO ... who else owns a grapefruit spoon?? ... See MoreSee Less
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