Everyone knows of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, has conquered cancer, has died from cancer or maybe is currently going through it themselves.  My mom died from a brain tumour when I was only 7 years old.  She was actually diagnosed when she was pregnant with me … and held on for 7 more years before she passed.  So this topic hits me hard.

The Canadian Cancer Society published a report saying that  “Almost one in every two Canadians is expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime” … WOW … I am scared for myself, I am scared for my friends/family and I am scared for my children.  I do have to say that technology and medical advances have made a HUGE difference in the survival rate in some cancers … but we still need to do our part to try to prevent them from occuring  … smoking, tobacco, alcohol, eating, exercise, environment, to products we put on our skin, and so on …. SO … take a moment, think about yourself, your kids, your family and friends and make a little change each day to help out so we TRY to lower this statistic