Blue Monday

Today is the day labelled “Blue Monday”.  A day in which people say it’s the most depressing day of the year. Why? Some say it’s because of the credit card statements that show up from the holiday season and people realize how much debt they are in. Others are frustrated that they have failed their […]

How to Nourish Your Postpartum Body

Before digging into nutrition recommendation for postpartum, it is helpful to understand what happens with your hormones during and after pregnancy. Keep in mind that this is just a portion of the hormonal imbalances that occur after birth. Estrogen and progesterone both play a significant role during pregnancy including the birthing process. Placenta increases the […]

Women’s Health: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

  This blog is going to cover some introductory information about pelvic health statistics and common symptoms that are treated with pelvic health physiotherapy. First, I wanted to get out of the way the idea that pelvic health and pelvic health physiotherapy is just about teaching kegels and seeing people who pee with coughing after […]

Canada’s New Food Guide

It’s been 12 years since the last version of Canada’s Food Guide.   I guess better late then never .. right? Do Canadians even care that the new guidelines are out? Is there something new that we don’t already know as a society? Are there going to be groups and industries out there that are going […]


Oh the excitement about being pregnant and having a baby has kept you busy! You might have the baby room decorated, clothes washed and put away neatly in the dresser, rocking chair ordered, and bottles washed and ready to go when baby comes home! You think to yourself, I’VE GOT THIS! I AM SOOO READY! […]