Incorporating a Health in All Policies Approach in Canada

Canada … we need to learn more from Finland and work harder into implementing the Health in All Policies in Canada. Health in All Policies is an approach to public policy development that encourages governments to systematically consider how policy decisions may affect the health of a population – See more at:  Our health is […]

Stress: How It Impacts Your Physical and Mental Well – Being

We are all STRESSED! “Stress is how the brain and body react to a demand.” (National Institute of Mental Health). Our brain can’t determine if that situation is real or if we are imagining it. Our body and brain will respond in the same manner. You might notice symptoms of stress when you are trying […]

Is Stress Just As Harmful To Our Bodies As An Unhealthy Diet?

We know that stress has a huge impact on how our bodies function. We know that an unhealthy diet and a high – fat diet also have a huge impact on how our bodies function. A new study showed  how stress effected our gut microbiota in a similar way as eating a high – fat diet. […]

Oral HPV in men on the rise in Canada

In Canada, the proportion of oral cancers caused by the human papillomavirus has also increased, by about 50 per cent between 2000 and 2012, a study published in August suggests. Statistics from a Canadian Cancer Society report last fall showed 1,335 Canadians were diagnosed in 2012 with HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer and 372 died from the […]


“Parents can influence how active their children are and their likelihood of being overweight or obese” Statistics Canada A new statistic published by Statistics Canada measured this influence from data collected from using accelerometers. They found that the more the parent moved,the more the children moved.  For every 1 000 steps the parent took, the […]