Birthday Giveaway

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of giving back to communities!  My goal with my company is to inspire and educate lives through fitness, health and wellness by offering fitness classes and events to a variety of clients! So in honour of my birthday today, I am giving away a FREE […]

Being a Mom and going for a CT scan is SCARY

My mother was pregnant with me when she found out that she had a brain tumour.  She was only 33 years old and pregnant with child #5. I couldn’t even imagine what she was thinking or going through when she found out the news of having a brain tumour.  The thoughts of possibly leaving behind […]

Celebrating Momentum Health and Wellness

It’s almost been 5 YEARS since I started my company, CRAZY! Here is how my company started and how life, children and my passion for fitness didn’t stop me from chasing my dreams. The job I had when I got pregnant with our first daughter didn’t allow me to return back part time after she was born. […]

Why We Open Christmas Presents EARLY Every Year

Every year we opened presents before Christmas! Can you believe it? No more staring at the presents under the tree. No more overload at Christmas time with all the presents and stockings and craziness. Just pure happiness and excitement from our children that they get to open a present! I do have to mention, we don’t […]

Momcation: Why All Moms Need To Take One

Momcation … it’s a real thing and all moms need to take one. A few of my girlfriends and I were talking about how we needed a holiday to get away from all the stress in our lives and take a moment to breathe.  To BREATHE. To clear our minds, clear our thoughts and feel […]