Today was a hard day.

I had a preschool orientation for my 4 year old twins. This will be the first time that they be involved in a preschool program and be away from me.  Also, my 6 year old will be going into Grade 1 and she will be away from me all day. No one prepared me for this moment.  Being a stay at home mom for the past 6 years, and running my company part time, I am with my children all the time.  I have a casual babysitter that comes to my house 1 or 2 hours a week … but that’s it.  It’s just me during our day and maybe in the late evening if my husband is working late that I have my mom hat glued on.  It’s hard to be a chef, referee, nurse, singer, artist, tour guide, chauffeur and maid all at once.  I do take my kids exploring or on adventures everyday and we do a lot of fun activities … but it sure is exhausting!  It’s hard to find a moment of silence in my day to think clearly.

There are days where I couldn’t wait for them to go to school so I could have that moment to myself. A moment of silence.  A moment where I could just sit and enjoy my hot tea. But today reality set in.  My girls are not little anymore and are ready for their next adventure in life … school! In 5 days, all 3 of my children will be either in elementary school or in preschool and I will have 2.5 hours to myself.  It makes me sad to think about it.  What will I do? Will they be ok? Will I be ok? The moment of silence that I have been waiting for doesn’t seem so exciting anymore.  I will miss their laughs, cries, screams and my name being called out every 5 seconds.  Is this what Empty Nest Syndrome is? Is is possible to experience this when your kids are 6 and 4?

So to all the moms out there who are always wishing for their kids to grow up faster … STOP. Let them be kids. Let me explore.  Don’t wish for the future … enjoy the present time because just when you think you have more time to spend with them, they are off to school and you won’t get to enjoy those snuggles during your day anymore!

Starting next week, let there be tears of happiness and sadness. You are an amazing parent and you have done an amazing job raising your children to be independent and kind human beings.  Just remember to enjoy those moments with them when they come home from school!




xo Rachelle


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