Location: At home & outdoors with your family

COST: $10 (all proceeds donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities Alberta “Santa Sacks” program, where we will bring cheer and make the holidays brighter for families who stay at the Ronadl McDonald Houses.)

If there is one thing that I have learnt from COVID-19, it’s the importance of spending more time with my family and being grateful for our health.

We need to do better as a family to support and improve the overall wellness and behaviours of our children. We need to be healthier role models to them.


I have created a Family Winter Wellness Calendar for December!

From going sledding and cooking together, to family movie nights, this is how we create memories together and the sole purpose of this challenge. Spending time together doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go out and do something expensive or elaborate, it can also mean doing small gestures for one another or together as a family. Children just want to be seen and heard.

Initial details will be emailed out to you on November 28th. Download the calendar, print it off and start enjoying time together as a family. Subsequent emails will follow each week with suggestions and ways to make the month-long family wellness so much more fun.

Join us for a Family Winter Wellness Adventure!


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Note: To register and pay via e-transfer send an email to: