FitCamp for Women


COST: $40/ month

Now, more than ever, is a time that we need to come together as a community and keep each other accountable for our wellness goals.  We need to lift each other up when life gets difficult, listen to each others frustrations and applaud one another during our achievements.

Join our community of strong and healthy women and enroll in my online Fitcamp for Women!

Fitcamp for Women is designed specifically for women as we focus on exercises that will strengthen your strength, cardio and core.  You will also learn a variety of movements and exercises for your pelvic floor and how to improve your range of motion.

Different levels of intensity will be offered to challenge YOUR body and YOUR current fitness level.

** 8 online workout videos designed for all fitness levels, taught by a Kinesiologist and a Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

** Mindfulness exercises.

**A private Facebook group is set up to keep you accountable.

**You will learn a variety of nutrition and wellness topics that will inspire and encourage you on this journey to a better you.

** Weekly health and wellness challenges to help you achieve your personal goals.

This is not just an online fitness class. This group will hold you accountable to achieve your wellness goals by other supportive women in the community. No supplements. No expensive shakes. No crazy diets. Just real life workouts, healthy eating and challenging your different dimensions of wellness so you feel happier and healthier.


Note: To register and pay via e-transfer send an email to: