Our FitCamp classes are bootcamp style classes that are both educational and challenging.   A combination of strength, cardio and core exercises will be given based on your fitness level.  Each class is unique and designed to keep you moving and motivated from the beginning to the end. You will learn a variety of nutrition and wellness topics that will inspire and encourage you on this journey to a better you!

Why register for our Dynamic Dual FitCamp:

  1. Goal setting will be discussed in detail.  This allows the trainer to hold you accountable to your lifestyle plan and goals.
  2. A private Facebook page will be set up for only the members in the Dynamic Dual Fitcamp.  This is a place where information on nutrition, exercises, and wellness will be shared.   This is also a safe place for members to encourage one another and hold each other accountable during the class!
  3. Fitness test will be given on the first and last session to test your strength, endurance and flexibility.
  4. Measurements and a weigh in will happen on the first and last session for those who are interested in knowing these numbers.
  5. Weekly challenges based on the 7 dimensions of wellness
  6. Home workouts will be designed for the days you are not in class to keep you motivated and track for your wellness goals

At Momentum Health and Wellness, we truly do care about our participants! You are NOT just another ID number working out in a huge facility!  Our classes are very small, which allows the instructor to watch each participants technique more closely and to develop a rapport with their client.  This has shown to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals a lot faster!  We believe in an overall wellness approach to helping you reach your goal.  Whether that goal is: Running a 5 km race,  completing 10 pushups, being able to touch your toes and improve your flexibility, lose 50 lbs or being able to play with your grandchildren without getting out of breath.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

We DO NOT believe in diet pills or weight loss supplements.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and to educate, motivate and challenge them as much as possible on their health and wellness journey!


Classes will either take place indoors (at our studio during the winter months) or outdoors (during this summer months)