How do we get more women and girls to golf?

Golfing is dominantly still a male sport. Why is that?

Let’s take a look.

  1. From a history perspective, women were not welcomed on the golf course .
  2. Women may feel intimidated to be on the golf course if they have no one else to golf with and are put into a group with men.
  3. A majority of golf courses are managed and owned by men, so marketing for women and girl’s golf may not be a priority.
  4. Girls are less likely to get into golf if their mother doesn’t play.
  5. There are not a lot of “GIRL ONLY” golf events.

I can go on, but hopefully you get the point.  If we are not talking about girls and women who golf, then there will not be any attention on the subject.  Also, if girls are not growing up in an environment where golf is talked about, than they won’t have any interest in joining.

Of course, there are amazing women golf professionals out there who are positive role models to our daughters, but I’ve set out on a mission to provide more support and start the conversation with bringing more attention to women and girl golfers, both locally and nationally!  STAY TUNED!

Golf, like any sport, have so many mental and physical health benefits:

– Increasing hand- eye coordination

– Improve core strength

– Family activity

– Being outdoor and enjoying the fresh air

– Great stress reliever

– Social:  meeting new friends

– Cardiovascular benefits when you walk the course

– Improved flexibility

– FUN!  Golf can be both a recreational sport and competitive – you can choose!


Let’s create more opportunities for girls to play sports!!