It’s that time of year again … HALLOWEEN …. do you like to dress up? Or do you close the curtains and pretend your not home so those little ‘monsters’ don’t ring your doorbell a million times asking for candy?

I have never really enjoyed Halloween …I couldn’t be bothered to dress up and come up with plans to scare people.  BUT … now having children … it is more exciting every year to decorate and get costumes ready! My oldest daughter is going to be Elsa … lol .. of course she is … and my twins will be a butterfly and caterpillar …. too darn cute for words! We have put up decorations, done Halloween crafts … and have started making halloween cookies.  My daughter has never been so excited!

I have also been talking to Avery about trick or treating … but it’s a bizarre conversation to have with her because we have always talked to her about strangers and to not approach a stranger, even if they offer you candy.  But it’s ok to do it on Halloween? I’m just as confused trying to tell her this as she is listening to this crazy concept …. what do you tell your children???

Halloween is all fun and games  … but we still need to remember to teach them about safety during Halloween … here is an article from Canadian Living that I thought I would share with you