As I took my 2 1/2 year old daughter trick or treating this year … I had a moment of feeling like a bad parent.  I thought to myself “I teach Avery all about healthy eating and exercising to be healthy and strong, but yet, I am now teaching her to knock on a strangers door and ask for candy” …. this is such a bizarre and odd concept to teach our children.

First … you see all these kids running from door to door asking for candy and bragging about how much candy they have and they can’t wait to get home and eat it all.  AND we wonder why children in our society are obese and overweight.  As a parent, do you or did you control how much candy your child gets to eat? IF NOT … WHY??

Second …. we teach our children about strangers and ‘STRANGER DANGER’ yet, we allow them to knock on a strangers door and ask for candy.  Could this lead to children abductions and how predator lure children in with candy?

As a parent, our job to make sure our children are safe and live a healthy life … so does the whole concept of Halloween make sense than?!? FOOD FOR THOUGHT

I found an interesting article on this topic