With many people travelling during the holidays, it can be hard to stay on track this holiday season. On average, women gain 7 to 13 lbs over the holidays! So, with that in mind and trying to be mindful of how much I eat and drink and my stress level, I try my best to be mindful of how I fuel my body, stay active and sleep well during the holidays.


Tips for taking care of myself and staying on track during the holidays:


  • Make breakfast ahead of time

I premake my steel cut oats at home and take them with me.  This way I know that I am starting my morning with a healthy meal instead of eating bacon and eggs every morning!

  •  Bring healthy snacks

I premake energy balls and granola bars so I’m not tempted to eat Turtles, Ferrero Rocher and baking when I am craving something sweet over the holidays.

  • Bring a healthy salad to dinner

Bring a dish to dinner that you know is a healthier option so you know that you have the choice to eat more of that dish vs piling your plate high with full fat, cream , butter or sugar foods that might be as healthy to eat.

  • Have a good sleep

I bring my diffuser and oils with me to help stay calm and sleep better when I am at someone else’s house.  I also bring my own pillow so my neck is not sore the next morning.

  • Less pop and juice

If you choose to drink during the holiday season, have soda vs pop or juice as your mix so you are consuming less calories and sugar

  • Physical activity

Don’t gut stuck in the rut of staying in the house and sitting on the couch during the holidays.  Get outside and go for a walk, go to the gym, toboggan, skate or ski.  You will feel better about yourself if you keep active!


Happy Holidays from my family to yours!



xo Rachelle



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