My mom passed away when I was 7 years old, and I still find it hard to talk about it.  We just didn’t really talk about mom alot when she died … and that was the way it was.  It wasn’t until I got older and started asking more questions and becoming a parent myself that I realized how much I truly missed her!  Of course I missed her at 7, but man oh man … I wish she was her today giving me parenting advise, watching her grandchildren grow up and just giving me a mom hug when I need it the most.

It is just so important to talk to your child or children if a parent passes … or anyone.  Just to keep their spirit alive !  I talk about my mom alot to my girls.  I have a picture of my mom in my house and love when my girls point to her and say hi to Grandma Shirley xo

I love this article about Prince William!