Kids Momentum and Motivation

GIRLS ONLY : Ages 5 – 9


5:45- 6:45 pm

Location: Home Studio (474 Klarvatten Lake Wynd, Edmonton)

Cost: $45/month  ( 4 classes)


BOYS ONLY: Ages 5-9


5:45- 6:45 pm

Location: Home Studio (474 Klarvatten Lake Wynd, Edmonton)

Cost: $45/month  ( 4 classes)


Classes are offered month to month. Payment is done via emt to secure your spot in the class.  Please email me to confirm registration before payment is made to make sure there is space left in the class!


The pressures and stress in our fast-paced, highly digital world can rob children of their innate peace and joy. Kids Momentum and Motivation can help counter these pressures and enhance the health and well-being of children. This class is a combination of movement and mindfulness for kids where we will use music, games and breathing exercises to teach the children about strength, balance, gratitude, happiness and respect for themselves and others.

This class is in a fun, supportive and nurturing environment where we encourage kids to get their energy out through physical activity and then finish each class off with a variety of self – calming strategies that the children can practice daily.


It is rare to find a separate gender class at this age – everything seems to be co-ed.

I believe that in order to build confidence and self – love in our children, they should be in a group of the same gender for some activities.  I believe that the way children relate to one another in an all boys class or an all girls class is very unique and special and they open their hearts and use their voices more vs being in a co-ed class.

SO … here I go, trying something different and unique and separating the boys and the girls !!


We keep our classes SMALL (max 6 children) so each child receives the attention they deserve.

**Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle to each class **






Benefits of Physical Activity and Mindfulness For Children:

· Develops body awareness
· Enhances physical flexibility and strength
· Refines balance and coordination
· Builds focus and concentration
· Teaches calming techniques, stress-management and self-regulation
· Increases confidence, positive self-image, self-esteem and self-acceptance
· Strengthens the mind-body connection
· Allows opportunities to connect, socialize and cooperate in a non-competitive environment
· Encourages healthy habits