October 24th – 7- 8:30 pm
Location: STUDIO (Momentum Health & Wellness)
Tickets: $25
Join us for a fun and relaxed evening where we will discuss all the nitty gritty details about your pelvic floor and more about your core. Challenges in your core (including your pelvic floor) can lead to problems like incontinence, constipation, prolapse, low back pain, pelvic pain, and diastasis recti (ab separation). To kegel or not to kegel is the question, and we are going to answer it.
Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio from Nurture Her Physiotherapy will be on hand to help you learn how to optimize your pelvic floor so that you can stay healthy, active and fit. This workshop is ideal for any age or stage of life, but is especially recommended for pre and postpartum women (remember, if you have ever had a baby – even 20 years ago – you are still postpartum).
In addition to learning helpful tips and info about your core, you will also have the opportunity to have your core muscles screened.
Limited spots available!
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