I cried reading this article about these twins….  maybe cause I’m more emotional being a mom, maybe cause I have twins, or maybe cause I hate the thought of anyone every losing someone they love.

I also had some anger towards myself reading this story.  Why is it, that we need to hear bad news to really understand what we have in our life is a blessing?  I totally have days that I take my kids and husband for granted.  I have days where I don’t want to do a craft and just want my kids to let me have 10 minutes to myself.  I have days were I just want to be alone.  BUT …. then I realize, maybe one day, my child/ huband/ sister/ family/ friend might not be here anymore …. and I’ll never have these moments back ….. SOOOOOOOO ….. I just need to live in the moment, and if my daughters want to do a craft, I dam well better do a craft and realize that this 1 hour will matter to them and make them happy.

So be thankful for each minute you have with your loved ones, cause you never know what tomorrow may bring