MOMentum Motion and Insight: In-Studio


10:45-11:45 am

Location: Home Studio (474 Klarvatten Lake Wynd, Edmonton)

Cost: $45/month

Welcome to MOMentum Motion & Insight, a new moms group in Edmonton! This class is a combination of a postnatal exercise class and an education session on all topics relating to motherhood and babies for newly postpartum moms!  Come and meet other like – minded moms who care about their health in your community! Our in -studio class sizes are SMALL to comply with Alberta COVID-19 public health measures.


This postnatal fitness class is a combination of exercise and education for new moms! It is designed for new moms who want to return to an exercise setting, but are not ready for a higher intensity class. Whether you had a C- section, vaginal birth, experiencing incontinence or have diastasis recti, this class will educate you on proper exercises to help you recover post – baby.  This lower intensity exercise class includes postnatal specific resistance training, light cardio, core stability and pelvic floor exercises.  

Class sizes are small so moms and babies are not overwhelmed with noise and for the instructor to build a rapport with each client and help them achieve their wellness goals.

**Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle to each class**

The exercise class is 20 mins followed by a 30 minute education class


The purpose of the education sessions is to allow moms to ask questions and educate themselves on a variety of topics relating to motherhood and baby. Topics include: bottle feeding, breast feeding, incontinence, diastasis recti, sleep, postpartum depression, postnatal fitness, baby development and more.  We are just a group of moms supporting other moms on our motherhood journey! Let’s build a supportive community of strong and healthy moms!


In accordance to AHS and the Government of Alberta:

    • Hand sanitizer on site ( please bring your own as well.)
    • At the beginning of each class, a COVID -19 screening will be done
    • Keeping safe distance between clients during the low intensity workout and the education session
    • There will be no partner or circuit workouts during this time.
    • Wearing a mask is not mandatory for my workouts, but if you feel more comfortable wearing them, please do so.
    • You might be asked to bring your own weights for the workout
    • Enhanced cleaning done in studio, on all high touch surface areas, bathroom and equipment with Health Canada approved disinfectant

    IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS of COVID19, please stay home and do not attend classes. This includes: cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, or shortness of breath.