Movement & Meditation

Welcome to this unique class where we combine Movement with Meditation!

Join this unique class where we combine physical activity with mindfulness and focus on reconnecting our mind and body. By challenging your body in a more holistic approach, you will soon realize the missing pieces that have been missing in your wellness journey that you have been searching for all these years.  Come sweat away your stress and rebuild your self-love, self-worth and joy. 

Mondays: 7:45 – 8:45 pm

Location: Virtual (comfort of your own home) 

Cost: $105 for 7 classes

February 13th – March 27th

In this 1 hour women’s only movement and meditation class, we will focus the first part of the class by moving our bodies with a variety of cardio and strength exercises. Dumbbells,  resistance band and body weight exercises will be used.  The last half of the class will focus on relaxing your mind and body by using a variety of meditation and mindfulness exercises. You will leave this class with less stress and worries and hopefully have a peaceful sleep! 

Modifications will be given for each exercise and ALL FITNESS LEVELS are welcome! 

“Always keep your mind and body aligned with one another.”

Benefits of Physical Activity
It is recommended for adults to get at least 150 minutes/ week of moderate intensity physical activity. That being said, there are many factors that will contribute to how much activity you will get in the first few months, to maybe even a year post baby. From pelvic floor concerns, recovery from child labour, sleep, baby’s health concerns, your mental health and so on. So please be patient and kind to yourself as you slowly reintroduce physical activity into your routine.
  • Improve mood
  • Decreased risk of postpartum depression
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve self-love and self- esteem
Benefits of Meditation
  • Increasing self- awareness
  • Lowers stress and anxiety symptoms
  • Allows you to become more aware of the present
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves attention, concentration and focus
  • Teaches kindness, empathy and patience
  • May help with controlling physical pain