I have made a list of ‘things’ I would like to work on and achieve in 2016 … and one of them is to reconnect with old friends whom I have lost touch with over the years … from moving to getting married, to having kids …. life has gotten in the way and I have disconnected with some really great people.  So my goal is to reconnect with them.

HOW? I am going the old fashion route and I am going to write everyone a letter! I LOVE getting mail .. who doesn’t? and in today’s electronic world, we are losing the gift of handwriting and sending something in the mail.  I even have taught my oldest daughter how to send something in the mail .. and she loves getting mail herself!

Here’s my challenge to you ….. reconnect with a friend of family member in which you haven’t spoken to in a while … just let them know how much you appreciated them as a friend and who knows, maybe you’ll be able to connect again and introduce them to your husband/wife and kids and be able to create new memories together!

2016 is the year of happiness! START TODAY!