I LOVE when my toddler watches me exercise and joins in on the fun! It got me thinking … why not do a toddler exercise of the month! So here it is!



TECHNIQUE: Place ball between your knees (weighted or not). Shoulders back, back flat, core engaged, keeping your weight transferred over your heels and not your toes, toes pointed forward

MOVEMENT: As you squat, squeeze the ball between your knees to activate your adductors.  On the ‘down’ motion – keep you weight transferred back and over your heels and don’t allow your knees to extend past your toes.  On the ‘up’ motion – squeeze your glutes and push you heels into the floor – this will engage your glutes and hamstrings alot more!

WHY? Working alot more muscles than just a regular squat!  This will help strengthen your adductors, which if you walk or stand with your feet pointed outwards, is partially your problem (along with tight hips)