3rd Trimester


6-7 pm

Location: Studio (474 Klarvatten Lake Wynd, Edmonton)

$110/month (Register for BOTH Tuesday & Thursday)
$60/ month (Register for Tuesdays only)
$60/ month (Register for Thursdays only)


The countdown is on until the baby arrives and the excitement and tension are building. Our third trimester prenatal fitness class which will focus more on core stabilization, strength training and relaxation breathing to help you prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby! Pregnancy education will occur during each class.  Topics such as nutrition, sleep, hormone changes, and proper exercises for pregnancy will be discussed!  These classes are educational and a great way to meet other mama to be!!

** Modifications are given for each exercise based on the participant’s fitness and comfort level **

**Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle to each class**





Third Trimester: (week 28-40)

Did you know…

  • Approximate breakdown of your total weight gain (average total pregnancy weight gain is between 25-35 lbs; this will vary depending if you were underweight or overweight at the start of your pregnancy)
      • Baby: 7-8 lbsPlacenta: 1-2 lbs
      • Amniotic fluid: 2 lbs
      • Uterus: 2 lbs
      • Maternal breast tissue: 2 lbs
      • Maternal blood : 4 lbs
      • Fluids in maternal tissue: 4 lbs

    Maternal fat and nutrient stores: 7 lbs

  • By around 32 weeks your uterus will be sitting about 5 inches above your navel
  • You might be experiencing heartburn, leg cramps, itchy abdomen, protruding navel, stretch marks, difficulty sleeping, enlarged breasts, shortness of breath, increasing clumsiness, lack of bladder control, lower back pain, increase or decrease in appetite
  • You might experience Braxton Hicks
  • You might experience different emotions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, apprehension about child labour and excitement
  • Between 28 – 40 weeks your baby will measure around 16 –22  inches from crown to rump and weigh  between 2.5 – 9+ lbs
  • Eating more omega 3’s will help with your baby’s brain development
  • You should start developing a birth plan to reduce your anxiety about the whole birth process

** Contact your health care provider if you are concerned with any of the symptoms you are experiencing***