MOMentum with Multiples



Being pregnant with multiples does put more strain on your body and recovery will be different then recovering from a singleton pregnancy.  This is why the postnatal fitness class for moms with multiples will be specific to our postpartum bodies and how to properly exercise and recover post – babies.  This low- moderate intensity exercise class includes postnatal specific resistance training, light cardio, core stability and pelvic floor exercises.

The exercise class is 30 mins followed by a 30 minute education class


The purpose of the education sessions is to allow moms to ask questions and educate themselves on a variety of topics relating to motherhood and raising twins or triplets! Topics include: bottle feeding, breast feeding, incontinence, diastasis recti, sleep, postpartum depression, postnatal fitness, baby development and more.  We are just a group of moms with multiples supporting other moms on our motherhood journey! Let’s build a supportive community of strong and healthy moms with multiples!

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Welcome to a new moms with multiples group called MOMentum with Multiples!  This class is a combination of a postnatal fitness class and an education session on all topics relating to being a mom of multiples! Connect with other like – minded moms who care about their health and wellness!

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