7:30-8:30 pm

Location: Home Studio (474 Klarvatten Lake Wynd, Edmonton)

Cost: $40/ month (4 classes)

Alright ladies,  it’s time to be real, raw and honest.

We need to start supporting one another in our communities.  We need to talk more openly and honestly about the struggles and successes that we go through in our lives.  By doing this, we get a new perspective on life and realize that we are not in this world alone and that other women/ moms might be going through the same situation. By listening and offering words of encouragement is how we educate, motivate, inspire and support each other in our life’s journey.

Join me, and other women in Edmonton, as we sip our favourite drinks and spill whatever is on our minds in a supportive and nurturing environment.  No judgement. Just some ladies getting together and talking honestly about life, marriage, kids, jobs, eating, exercise and any other topic we choose to discuss!

Group size is SMALL so all of our voices can be heard!


Sunday night are typically the night that we organize our kids schedule and their activities, lunches, etc.

Sundays should be about getting OURSELVES mentally prepared for the week and learning tools on how WE can reduce the anxiety and stress that the week might bring with all the activities and meetings that we might have.

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