Spiritual wellness is one of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness and we are going to explore why it is important for kids to understand.

Spiritual wellness refers to finding meaning and purpose in life and living in accordance to your values, morals and beliefs.

Spirituality does not necessarily mean religion.   For some, it will and believing in a higher being through prayer is part of their beliefs.  For others, spirituality is finding inner peace and understanding what is important to them in other ways.

Spiritual health plays a role with the other dimensions of wellness (hence why they are all interconnected).  A child’s sense of worth and their beliefs will play a role in the career they choose, the friends they hang out with, how they spend their money, their mental health and self- love, and how they take care of their physical bodies.  THIS IS WHY it is so important to talk about spirituality to our kids and teaching them positive tools they can use now and how their beliefs will affect who they are later in life. In order for children to be able to understand spirituality, they need to take moments in their day to slow down and appreciate their surroundings.  You might ask them : ” What do they want to accomplish in life”, or ” How could they make a difference in the world/ town/ city/ community” or “What are ways they can be kind and loving to themselves and others.”

Spiritual wellness refers to finding meaning and purpose in life and living in accordance to your values, morals and beliefs.

When we talk to children, they should feel empowered and that their choice and decisions will impact the world.  We should be teaching them about having their own beliefs (or the beliefs as a family), but also to have an open heart and ears when they hear others talk and to be able to tolerate the views of others, even if they don’t agree. (to some extent … you might not be friends with someone if their beliefs are complete opposite of yours, but you should still be respectful to that person and what they believe)

Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Wellness

  • Meditate 

    Starting with 5-10 minutes a day sitting still and focusing on their breath will help them regulate their emotions (especially when they are angry or frustrated)

  • Yoga

    Taking time to move their bodies and focusing on their breathe and slow down their minds is important for the child’s overall health

  • Gratitude Journaling

    Every night, have your child write in a journal or write notes in a box for what they are thankful for. Then when they are feeling down or need some extra love, they can look back and read what they wrote  (or as a parent, you can write positive notes to them as well!)

  • Nature

    Let your children surround themselves with the beauty of nature and let them explore outside and just be kids.

  • Self – care

    Showing your children what self- care means is important so they understand that they are  their health and well – being comes first.

  • Volunteering and giving back to the community

    Being an active member in the community and giving back to organizations is important to children to experience and see the caregiver do as well.

  • Religion/ Prayer

    To pray at home or in a larger organization might be important to do as a family.

  • Music/ Art

    Appreciate what music and art has to offer and the feelings of happiness it might bring to the child.

  • Crystal healing

    Some people believe in the power of crystals and their impact on spiritual and emotional well – being. Children could even make their own mala and say positive affirmations each day.

  • Family time

    Spending time together as a family is so important for a child’s spiritual health and learning what their morals and beliefs are.   A great example is to say what they are grateful for at the dinner table.

As you can see, spiritual health and wellness is important part of who we are and how it will effect us as children and as adults.   Our values and beliefs might change over time, and that’s ok to reevaluate this.  This is where our meditation or journaling every day plays a key role in keeping us grounded and staying true to who we are.

I believe that what we put out to the universe will come back and reflect on who we are or what we want out of life.  So remember to be kind to yourself and others!

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