Menopause: The Strong & Wise Club


9  – 10 am (Live workout via Google Meets)

Location: The comfort of your own home

COST: $50/month



5:30-6:30 pm (Live workout via Google Meets )

Location: The comfort of your own home

COST: $50/month

You will also have access to my On – Demand Workouts to do anytime and anywhere! ($30 value FREE)

After you register, you will receive an email with instructions for the weekly group workouts!

The Strong & Wise Club is designed for Perimenopausal and Menopausal women who are looking to improve their overall health and wellness as they age.

What to expect in this class:

During the 1 hour session, 40 minutes will be focused on light cardio, strength training, core and balance exercises.   The fitness program will be low – moderate intensity, with the focus  on functional exercises and how it relates to our activities of daily living as we age.  The program will challenge your mind and body!

The remaining 20 minutes, we will focus on flexibility as we chat/discuss as a group about any topics relating to women’s health and menopause.  This is a way to come together as a community and socialize with one another during these times of isolation during the pandemic.

The exercise program is designed by a Kinesiologist and a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, who has a background history in rehabilitation exercises.

Menopause Facts

Menopause is a time in a women’s life where there are many physical and emotional changes that occur. Sarcopenia is a gradual loss of muscle mass as we age (decreases 3-5% after the age of 30).  This muscles loss could be attributed to a lot of different factors such as: decrease in hormones (especially estrogren and testosterone) , decrease in physical activity (attributed to weight gain, muscle weakness, decrease in mobility, osteoporosis, incontinence) , inflammation in the body, decline in nutritional intake (in particular protein) and other factors at the cellular level.

Menopause also has an impact on our mental health.  There is an increase in anxiety, mood and memory disorders, which could be contributed to a decrease in hormones (i.e. progesterone), lack of sleep, less socialization with friends and family and the other factors that were listed above.

Since we spend roughly 1/3 of our life in menopause, what can we do so we can continue living a healthy and active life?


Benefits of Physical Activity as we get Older and Wiser

  • Blood sugar management
  • Improved bone and joint health
  • Better Sleep
  • Mental health: stress reliever with release of endorphins
  • Cardiovascular system:  potential decreased risk of MI , strokes and heart attacks
  • Reduced risk of developing osteoporosis
  • Manage or Improve symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunctions
  • Socialization – whether in-person or talking/seeing others online
  • Lower the risk of Type II diabetes


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