I just turned 32 weeks, teaching my prenatal class on a Tuesday night, and feeling great.  I’m laughing with the ladies, nothing is feeling odd, and thought to myself at the end of that class … “geez that was a good class, the ladies had a great workout, and now I get to go and hang out with Scott and Avery and maybe enjoy a nice bath at the end of my night”… WRONG

About 15 minutes after class .. (and I apologise that the following information might be too much information or graphic … but felt like I wanted to share it with others incase some have gone through the same situation or a warning what could happen in your pregnancy), I went to the bathroom and noticed a bit of red tinge discharge on my pad.  Something inside of me instantly knew this was not good (even though I had this during my pregnancy with Avery).  I instantly had tears in my eyes, and went straight to google … where else do we self diagnose things!  Some pages said it’s normal, others said I’m going into preterm labour and to get to the hospital.  I sat down to calm myself down, drank some water and all of a sudden I felt a gush of something and ran to the bathroom … bright red blood … I soaked through 3 pads in about 5-10 minutes. I yell to Scott to take me to the hospital.  The next 10 minutes are absolute chaos in our house …  I’m hysterically crying and praying that these babies are not coming early and trying to pack my bag,  Scott’s running around the house packing up Avery and her stuff and calling my girlfriend who is on Avery duty when I do go into labour.  I don’t think I have panicked and cried that hard ever in my life.  This is not the way it’s suppose to be when you’re pregnant.  You’re suppose to look forward to going into labour (as much as that is possible) and be prepared (bag packed, outfits washed, car seat installed, etc.).  This was not the case for us.   Here we are on the way to the hospital, not knowing what is going on, overwhelmed with emotions, and hoping for the best.

We get to the hospital, get admitted, and the nurse hooks me up to the fetal monitors.  By this point the bleeding has almost stopped, the babies hearts rates are normal and no contractions are going on.  The nurse waits until they get ahold of my doc to see what to do next.  My doc ordered the beta shot for the babies lung development. So now, I’m getting this shot, have an IV jabbed into my hand, and getting blood work done.  If you know me at all, I question everything that is happening … the nurse just said we need to be prepared incase you go into LABOUR in the next 24 hours … labour … what? I’m not ready? Dear babies …. please listen to your mom … don’t come out for another 4 or 5 or 6 weeks … PLEASE!! As I lay in the bed and try to relax myself, I look over at Scott, who is looking white in the face and trying to hold back his fears and stay calm for the both of us …he just calmly tells me “everything is going to be ok”.  I sure hope so I said.

I was kept in the hopital overnight.  I couldn’t sleep as I had a million thoughts going through my head and I was checked by the nurse every hour it seemed.  An ultrasound was booked for the morning to see where the blood came from.  I waited all day, and I kept getting bumped for the ultrasound .. I was sooooo angry! Why am I in the hospital? If my doc and nurses weren’t worried and didn’t consider me high risk, than tell me, as oppose to waiting in the hospital all day, missing Avery and having so many negative thoughts running through my head.  I truly felt mis – treated and questioned the care I am in during this pregnancy.  I finally got in the next day for the ultrasound, and it should that my placenta was fine, and my cervix was still at a 3.8cm long … so an unknown conclusion where the blood came from.  What a relief, but it sure would have been good to know that 2 days ago!  My doc told me that this was my body’s way to SLOW down and take it easy … which I had to listen to cause I don’t want these babies to come yet.  So I’ve had to limit how much standing and lifting I’m doing… including no lifting Avery (poor little girl, just doesn’t understand why mommy isn’t picking her up anymore).

This also meant that I had to make a decision about my company and classes .. do I run them? Do I stop them all together until babies are here, and I can teach again? I hated the thought of losing my clients so I hired an instructor to come take over as much as possible.  I am very thankful that I found someone I can trust, and will do a great job!  It is hard for me to just sit back and watch someone teach my classes … I just want to get up there and squat with them and move around … but I just need to keep remembering it’s not about me right now, it’s about these babies inside of me and their health.

So that’s my scare at 32 weeks.

I wake up every morning now and am thankful that we made it another day without going into labour … thank you babies for listening to your mom!

SIZE OF BABIES:  They didn’t see how big the babies were this week .. they just checked my cervix and placenta and everything looked normal and fine .. measuring about 3.8 cm for my cervix.

FETAL MOVEMENT:  Baby is B is definetely more active since it move head down .. that’s right, both babies are head down now, and I hope it stays that way so I can have a natural delivery!

SLEEP:  I am more intuned with every twitch … so my sleep has definetely gone downhill yet again