I came across a company called UrbanLeaf Farms when I was at an event a couple months ago.  They were giving away samples of “SuperShots” of Wheatgrass.  I instantly asked myself 3 questions: What is Wheatgrass?  Why do people keep talking about Wheatgrass? What was different about this Wheatgrass SuperShot?

I was intrigued to try something new and get some information about these “SuperShots” and find out more about the company behind it all. So I had a shot of Wheatgrass.   It had a strong earthy taste, but at the same time it was sweet.  AND, it didn’t leave a bad after taste in my mouth…. hmmm … I thought … I kindof like it.

Let me tell you, for the rest of the afternoon and into my evening, I had more energy than I have had in a very long time.  I didn’t have anything else that afternoon to attribute to this increase of energy, no coffee, no sugar, nothing! So maybe, just maybe, this could be my answer to my low energy levels I have been experiencing for awhile!

So I did my research!

Wheatgrass, according to MayoClinic, “provides a concentrated amount of nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, C and E.” Some wheatgrass supporters have said that it will help increase your immune system, help with digestive problems, increase energy levels and aid in weight loss.  I couldn’t find alot of good evidence based research to back up these claims. That being said, Wheatgrass is full of vitamins and minerals, so adding a shot of Wheatgrass to your day is adding an extra bonus to your diet.

UrbanLeaf Farms

I was interested to learn more about this company and the process behind creating these SuperShots. So, I contacted one of the Owners/ Founders of UrbandLeaf Farms, Mark Farrugia.  Mark was more than happy to give me a tour of their INDOOR lab, right here in Edmonton, where they grow their Wheatgrass by using a computer controlled environment. They can adjust the temperature, CO2 , air flow and humidity right from their computer or phones.  This means they can keep their product consistent, but at the same time, adjust and adapt for any environmental changes that can occur and grow it all indoors, even during the winter months in Alberta!  This to me was so interesting … and I don’t have any background in computers … so I truly was amazed by how Mark and his partner came up with this idea!

Growing Wheatgrass INDOORS!!

So after my tour of the facility, I decided to try the Wheatgrass shots.  I wanted to do my own little experiment to answer some of my own questions:

  1. Will I see an increase of energy in my day?
  2. Figure out for myself what all the hype is about Wheatgrass?

The boxes come in a 14 day supply each shot is 1 ounce.  The shots are frozen, so you pull out 1 plastic tube the night before and let it thaw overnight in the fridge.  Why frozen?  The natural sugars in the Wheatgrass will make the shot a bit sweeter when you drink it!  It is recommended to take the Wheatgrass SuperShot first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so your body can absorb it’s nutrients more efficiently.  So give it a good shake and drink it straight up!

So away I went on my 14 day experiment.  I will be honest Day 1 and Day 2 … I really felt no different.  I was still tired, no extra energy and feeling frustrated with myself that I gave into a fad and trying Wheatgrass.  On Day 3, I noticed an increase of energy … and it continued on right through until Day 14.  I didn’t want to stop there, as I believe that it takes your body about 2-4 weeks to see any benefits of a product you try.  So I picked up another box of Wheatgrass and continued on for another 14 days.  I honestly felt more alert. I had more energy. I really did feel better.  I normally eat pretty darn healthy, but adding a shot of wheatgrass to my daily routine, just made me feel a bit better about myself.

When I started writing up this blog about the Wheatgrass SuperShot, I debated about writing anything negative about the product.  But nothing bothers me more than when I read a blog post about a product and they say only positive remarks about the product.  I than question the authenticity of the post and if the company has paid them to say those things.  So in MY posts … I am truly honest.  I give my opinion and I’m not being paid to do so!! So here is it…

Some of the downfalls to the product:

  1. Frozen – you thaw the shot overnight and drink it the next morning. This is challenging if you’re travelling and want to take your Wheatgrass Supershots with you
  2. The packaging –  4/14 on the plastic tubes had a small hole in it, so when I went to drink my shot in the morning, some spilled out on the floor as I was shaking it up before I drank it

Some of the positives about this product:

  1. Adding extra nutrients and minerals to your daily diet
  2. Sweet and earthy taste
  3. Grown locally … right here in Edmonton!
  4. Organic and gluten free
  5. The owners are passionate about their product and truly do care about customer’s feedback

So to answer my own questions I set out during my little experiment ….

  1.  Will I see an increase of energy in my day? – I truly did see an increase of energy in my day.  I took the shot around 8am and noticed an energy boost until around  4 pm (which I think is a huge bonus, as I usually hit my 2-3 pm slump just like most people)
  2. Figure out for myself what all the hype is about Wheatgrass – I can now understand why ALOT of people talk about Wheatgrass.  The added nutrients and minerals it does provide for your body is a positive thing.  I’m curious when I get my next blood work done for being hypothyroid if I’ll see any changes in my levels after taking the shots for 4 weeks. … I’ll keep you posted!

So Give it a try today! You’ll be pleasantly surprised on the great taste and the increase of energy levels you’ll feel!!

Stay tuned for my write up as I try their Ginger and Turmeric shots next!