For some families, trying to calm your children down at bedtime may be a challenge. From running around the house, refusing to put on their pj’s to all of a sudden they are starving for a snack. You probably are losing your patience by now, and about to tell and scream at them to settle down.


Try to remember their day. Were they stuck inside all day because of the weather? Were they on their tablets or your phone playing games and watching their favourite shows for x amount of hours. Were they physically active to get some of their energy out?

Your day will reflect on how well your children will go to bed. They need some down time before bed. They need to learn to calm their bodies and emotions before bed. You need to develop some sort of routine before bed to help them do this.

In my household, the girls shower/ bath, we read books and do some yoga poses before bed. I truly believe this is why they are sleeping better (and how it has taken us a LONG time to get to this point with my oldest daughter!).


Here are 12 yoga poses I have found to help with our sleep routine!