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Momentum Health & Wellness specialize in women and girl’s wellness by offering high quality programs instructed by

passionate, certified, qualified and experienced health care professionals.  In our programs, we focus on the different

dimensions of wellness and educate our clients on which area they might need to spend more of their energy on to live a more

optimal and joyful life. We look forward to having you be part of our amazing community! 




Prenatal fitness, postnatal fitness and Movement & Meditation classes to support women on their wellness journeys during all stages of life. 


Welcome to Girls Momentum and Motivation, where our goal is to create a community of inspiring and confident girls through movement and mindfulness exercises


Allow a Kinesiologist , Clinical Exercise Physiologist and a PN Nutrition Coach support you on your wellness journey using a holistic approach.  Individual and group training available.


Discover the key to improving job retention, reducing burnout and keeping your employees engaged and happy.


Wellness events that will inspire, educate and motive women, kids and teenagers to live
a joyful life.


Coming soon!
Online courses about women’s health and wellness.

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Start focusing on your Optimal Wellness today

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Message from Rachelle

Thank you so much for visiting my website! 

I’m Rachelle, the Owner and Founder of Momentum Health & Wellness!

I am a mom of 3 (2 of which are twins), strong- willed, brilliant and beautiful daughters and a wife to a hard working and supportive husband.

I graduated from the U of S with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I am also a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist, PN Nutrition Coach and Meditation and Mindfulness Coach. I have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry working with a variety of clients: prenatal, postnatal, injury rehab, athletes, children and wiser adults. 

I started my company 10 years ago to share my passion about health with others.  In my classes and courses, I share with my clients the KEY to living an optimal life is to view their wellness journey from a holistic approach.  By understanding each pillar of wellness, we understand where our disconnect is and what we need to focus our time and energy on.

My mission is to create a COMMUNITY of like – minded families where our goal is to not only take care of our own health, but to be a positive role model for our future generations and support their health!

Contact me today and let’s chat about how I can support you on this crazy ride called life!



Meet Rachelle

I’m Rachelle, the Owner, and Founder of Momentum Health & Wellness!
I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I now have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry working as a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist.

I started my company to inspire and educate others about fitness and wellness. I want to create a COMMUNITY of prenatal and postnatal women who will support one another through their health and wellness journey. I also want to EDUCATE families on the importance of creating a healthy environment at home and being a positive role model for their children.

Being a mom to 3 beautiful girls, I feel that I can relate to topics about pregnancy, motherhood, and raising a family. From the moment we find out we’re pregnant to the sleepless nights when our baby is teething to the moment we send off our child to school (and everything in between). It’s scary being pregnant. It’s scary and hard being a parent. The emotions we experience in our day is beyond words to describe… until you’re in it … and you can now relate to others in one way or another.

This is why we need to build a healthy community. A community where we encourage one another to be more positive; live a balanced and healthy life; show your children what it’s like to eat healthy and play outside.
I truly love what I do and I am very blessed that I am able to start my own company and show others the passion I have for health and wellness!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the services I provide!