Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness program helps to promote the overall well – being to the employers, employees and the entire organization. Chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity  and mental health are affecting the workplace productivity and employers are seeing an increase in long and short term disability claims. Studies show that
40 – 70% of the cost of chronic illnesses can be avoided through lifestyle change and healthy habits. To help reduce these rates and other stressors, employers are offering wellness programs in their organization and are realizing the importance of keeping their employee's health a priority.

With the numbers on the rise for obesity, substance abuse, poor nutrition, inactivity,  depression, anxiety and burnout, it is extremely important to invest in your employees. Momentum Health & Wellness can provide the necessary tools to help your employees live a healthier lifestyle. Welcome us into your company and let us educate and motivate your employees on a variety of topics. What we can offer:

  • Lunch n’ Learns – some topics include: nutrition, reducing stress, understanding life/ work harmony
  • Fitness workshops – organizing different exercise components such as yoga, resistance training, run group
  • Wellness full or half day workshops - 7 dimensions of Wellness
  • Organize corporate functions – such as golf tournaments
  • Injury Rehab – provide safe exercises to employees following an injury or surgery

Contact us to learn more about the services we can provide for your company