Postnatal Fitness

Moms on the Move is BACK!!


9-9:45 am

Live VIRTUAL class

Moms on the Move class is now done virtually, so you can join out of the comfort of your home while your baby naps, swings in the swing or lays on the floor beside you! Don’t allow nap time be a barrier for joining my postnatal fitness class!!

Congrats! You made it through child labour … now what?

You might be asking yourself a million different questions! When can I start exercising again? Why am I leaking when I cough or sneeze? Can I exercise while breast feeding or will my milk supply decrease? Will breast feeding help me lose the baby weight? Can I workout like I used to pre-baby or should I find a specialized postnatal fitness class?

Whether you had a vaginal birth or c- section, 36 hours of labour or 4 hours, your body has gone through something magical, but yet something very demanding on your entire body!  Everyone recovers from child birth at a different rate, and you need to treat your postpartum exercise routine as such! You need to be very mindful of what your body has and is going through: weakened pelvic floor muscles, rib cage expanding, hips expanding, larger breasts, hormones are everywhere, lack of sleept etc.  You also might feel frustrated that your clothes fit ALOT differently now, and THAT IS OK!!


You need to take small steps to returning back to exercise.  You need to find time for yourself.  You need to take one day at a time because there will be days you feel awesome and other days you’re completely exhausted!

Research has shown that exercise and eating healthy postnatal will improve mood, decrease risk of postpartum depression, promote weight loss, increase energy levels and improve self image.

This is why I LOVE teaching my postnatal fitness classes!!  ANYONE CAN JOIN and FEEL WELCOME!  All fitness levels are welcome in our postnatal fitness class! Variations of the exercises will be given based on your current level of fitness. You will learn safe and effective exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals post baby and allow you to feel strong in YOUR body!

So come join us for some high energy postnatal fitness classes that will focus on strength training, cardiovascular endurance and proper exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor/ core muscles.

Remember… a healthy, fit and happy mom, is a happy family!   !

NEW TO MY CLASSES!!! As part of REGISTERING for the class, you will have access to a LIVE Q&A where we talk all things relating to motherhood and meet other moms that are going through the same journey as you!



  • Have a conversation with your medical doctor about starting a postnatal fitness class
  • Join a postnatal fitness class taught by a certified and educated health professional
  • Be assessed by a pelvic floor physiotherapist if you are experiencing any discomfort or pelvic floor concerns; peeing while exercise IS NOT OKAY!
  • Be KIND to yourself when starting a postnatal exercise routine; start slow and build up
  • DO NOT focus on losing weight; focus on your overall well-being and health
  • Stay hydrated – especially if you are breast feeding
  • Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing to help regulate your body temperate while you workout
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate exercise footwear
  • Give your body proper nutrients to fuel and replenish before and after exercising